Lęstadius weeks at Pajala

Each year in the beginning of July, just after the Pajala market, Lęstadius friends and others get together to celebrate the life of the Lęstadius family, based on different themes. The week starts on a Monday at the old rectory building and at the Lęstadius museum.

Themes at previous years:
2005 - From settler's daughter to our dean's wife, 200 years after birth of Brita-Cajsa Alstadia
2006 - Language and spread of the Lęstadian awakening, the multi-cultural year
2007 - In God's free nature, the Linnéus year
2008 - Ways to wisdom, 200 years after starting school of the Lęstadius brothers

2009 - The marking year 1809: Lęstadius and his awakening, uniting Swedish and Finnish. 
Here are some photos from the week July 6-10:
Opening at parish house        At the museum entrance room       The church at Kolari

Welcome to the following weeks:

2010, July 12-16:  A serving Martha, a listening Mary - the female base of the Lęstadian revival

2011, July 4-7:  Memorial year 2011 - 200 years after the birth of Johan Raattamaa, 150 years after the death of Lars Levi Laestadius, and 170 years after the death of his younger brother Petrus Laestadius. Including a re-union of many Lęstadian relatives