The Marking-year 2009: Laestadius and the Fins

A new exhibition inside the Laestadius museum, with 9 roll-up screens, was introduced at the Laestadius week in July 2009. The roll-ups describe the following:

1.  Retreat of troops 1809 (painted by August Malmström), with a map of the Torne valley

2.  The Laestadius church at  Karesuando

3.  Sermons 1845, 1849 and 1858 at Karesuando

4.  Karl-Axel Gottlund (1765-1821), the Finnishness supporter

5.  The church at Muonio 1883

6.  Map of the Laestadian revival movement, and photos of preachers

7.  The altar at Pello summer meeting 2004

8.  Pauli A. Korteniemi and the book " Loca parallela" in Finnish


9.  Large meetings at  Tornio and Haparanda - 1909 and  2009